Oh Good, There Was an Emmy Nip-Slip

Mindy Kaling from The Office, we thank you. We promise to learn how to pronounce your name. Later, though. [Best Week Ever]

2 Responses to “Oh Good, There Was an Emmy Nip-Slip”

  1. Streisand_Disciple Says:

    You’re a saint to do this for the people of the world too damn weird to masturbate to something normal. Also, if you’re interested, I’m going to try to start a debate as to whether this can be “mild porn.” My first volley: the m-w primary definition of pornography is “the depiction of erotic behavior (as in pictures or writing) intended to cause sexual excitement.” So what is Eros, anyway?

  2. EvilBeet Says:

    Huh? You sound more like MJ with every passing day.

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