Will Someone Please Do Something about Paula Abdul?

I’ve written several intros to this video and I keep erasing them. It’s easy to poke fun at Paula Abdul’s substance abuse problem. It’s so painfully obvious on AmIdol that I find myself exclaiming “Wow, I think she’s sober tonight” in the rare instance that she appears to be.

You’d think she’d have people around her to do something about this. I mean, even if they can’t keep her from guzzling liquor and vicodin, at least they could keep her off of live television for the night. But the folks at E! caught her on Emmy night, and asked her questions she proceeded to answer using her best impression of an overtired 5-year-old. I’m kind of sad for her, actually. I’ve decided the only reason she can get through tapings of AmIdol is that they film it in the afternoon — clearly, by nightfall, she’s totally incoherent.

The sound and picture quality get better about 15 seconds in.


5 Responses to “Will Someone Please Do Something about Paula Abdul?”

  1. Dave Says:

    Good find!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    she was sooo not drunk maybe a little confused but not drunk!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Oh for god’s sake, she was a bit sloshed, but no racial epithets were thrown and she got all of her words out clearly. You guys are hard up for news if this made it…

  4. Anonymous Says:


    No one has ever said Paula was a wonder at public speaking. Clearly, this is an example of that and not the babble of a drunk.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    When I watch your clip, I get the distinct impression Paula is slurring due to some kind of Rx…. oh… like LITHIUM? Her tongue sounds dry and swollen…

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