Um…Nicole Richie’s Going to Die of Anorexia

So, guys, I know it’s really funny to make the gimme jokes about the fact that she doesn’t ever eat because of a furious and devastating mental illness that has taken complete control of her body, mind and life — I mean, yeah, that’s funny shit — but, like, if we can be serious for a second, maybe someone who actually knows her might want to consider, you know, trying to save her life. Just a thought.

One Response to “Um…Nicole Richie’s Going to Die of Anorexia”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Maybe someone who is a clone of the great Oliver Hardy or John Candy can be the indicated person to give her some advice on eating well… I think it is nowadays more important to live a life that gives you pleasures (ex: eating, drinking, sleeping more than 10 hours per night, staying in the Internet for hours, being a “sofa sporter”, sitting in front of the TV for hours with a beer and a banana-peanut butter sandwich, making jokes on the ones who exercise,etc.), than making sacrifices, which I think it’s pure slavery, to live more than 100 years old. What in this world today can justify you just stay here for a long time? Nothing!!! See, for example, the state of the environment and the ways these “modern societies” are taking: they are depressing!!! It’s more sensible to barely enter the 60’s of age, or even not reaching the 50’s, living a life full of joy!!! BETTER THINK ON IT, YOU (SUNDAY) JOGGERS!!! (OH MY!!! The Health Clubs would be doomed!!! Haw!Haw!Haw!)

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