NEW! Lindsay Lohan Tracker!

Albert Einstein once said “Do not worry about your difficulties in math. I assure you that mine are still greater.”

This isn’t a great parallel, but the quote came to mind. Because however nauseatingly sick you are of every other post on this blog being about what Lindsay Lohan is doing today, I assure you that I am way, way fucking sicker of having to write about it. The jokes run thin real quick, and they weren’t that good to begin with. I’m tired of thinking up new ways to be mean to her. The joy is gone. I don’t hate her, I don’t want her to die or contract E. coli from spinach or continue her pathetic estrangement from her shoe-assaulty father; I’d genuinely like it if she checked into rehab and found a suitable treatment program for her problems with cocaine and alcohol, got into a stable relationship, tied all future Birkin bags to her wrist with rope, and got on with her acting career and life.

Until then, though, we’ve instituted the Lohan Tracker here at Evil Beet. You’ll find it on the upper-right side of this blog, and it’ll be updated regularly so that you, the concerned public, can be informed as to Miss Lohan’s whereabouts and goings-on, and I don’t have to write more than a few words about it daily.

One Response to “NEW! Lindsay Lohan Tracker!”

  1. Streisand_Disciple Says:

    Why don’t we all just agree that she’s a C+ hottie at best and let her die in Dana Plato obscurity already?

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