DRAMA!!!! Eric "McSteamy" Dane is Married to Dylan’s Dead Wife!!!!

Oh, this is so sad. This post was supposed to be much, much funnier. I heard a little rumor that there was a scuffle on the set of Grey’s Anatomy, between Dempsey and Isaiah Washington, so I checked out Grey’s Anatomy Insider for more information. For those of you who actually cared about this — they fought because they’re incredibly vain (and prolly jealous that hottie Eric Dane officially joined the cast), and then they made up, and said incredibly vain and vaguely homoerotic things to the press. Good? Good.

Because it’s all downhill from there.

I figured while I was on the GA Insider, I’d check around and see if there was anything else of interest to me. And was there ever! If by “interesting” you mean “emotionally crippling,” of course.

Look at this:

Dane is married to actress Rebecca Gayheart, who fans may remember from Noxzema commercials, a stint on Beverly Hills: 90210 and other roles.

Damn you, Noxzema Girl! First you take Dylan McKay, and then, when we think you’re good and dead at the hands of his father’s ruthless enemies, you swoop back in and take McSteamy. I hate you.


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