Elliot Mintz is Very Mature for His Age

So this is a pretty typical Paris Hilton ‘razzi video. She’s with her entourage — including publicist Elliot Mintz — attempting to leave her house, when she realizes the lights in her SLR are on, running down the battery. Hilarity ensues, blah blah blah.

But here’s what I love. With the crisis resolved, the gang prepares to leave the Hilton compound. Paris is in the passenger seat of a car, and Mintz is walking around the car, I assume to move into the drivers seat.

Mintz says to the photog, “You’re a very legitimate photo-broadcast journalist,” to which the cameraman replies, “Thank you, Elliot.”

It’s basically the grown-man equivalent of two teenage girls, with one being like “Gosh, Julie, I really love those shoes. I sure wish I had a pair of platforms that made me look like a 78-year-old gutter whore.” And then Julie’s all like “Thank you, Tracy.” That’s what just happened here.


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