It’s Twins for Melissa Etheridge and Wife

Congratulations to Melissa Etheridge and wife Tammy Etheridge (nee Michaels)! Last Tuesday, October 17, Tammy gave birth to twins — a boy and a girl — named Miller Steven and Johnnie Rose.

Hm. “Miller” and “Johnnie.” Can you guess which one is the girl?


That’s okay, neither can any reasonable person.

FYI, Johnnie Rose is the girl. Is it possible they’re pronouncing it like “Joni?” I can’t tell. Actually, “Johnnie,” (pronounced Jah-nee) is kind of a hot name for a girl, but it’s really gonna suck for both of them when Tammy and Melissa are all like, “These are our twins, Johnnie and Miller,” and people just stare, awkwardly, trying to figure out which name to apply to which child.

This is the first child for Tammy. Melissa has two children with ex-girlfriend Julie Cypher, Bailey (9) and Beckett (7), whose biological father is David Crosby. Miller and Johnnie’s father is an anonymous donor. Mother and children are doing well.


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