Want a "Celebrity" to Help You Ring in The New Year?

You can get Paris Hilton for $100,000 plus a private jet or Carmen Electra for the bargain price of $50,000. Paris Hilton and Carmen Electra’s people have been snooping around looking for hot parties for these “stars” to show up at. They are looking for venues in Miami, New York or Los Angeles. I’m not sure what this really includes. Do you get a free lapdance? Will they wow the crowd with their musical talents?

I really would go with Carmen because Paris doesn’t have a very good track record for showing up to events. When they opened Club Paris in Ontario she was 6 hours late to the party. 6 hours late? Carmen seems like more fun anyway. Part of me really hopes that one of them ends up at a New Year’s Eve Bar Mitzvah.

That’s hot.


2 Responses to “Want a "Celebrity" to Help You Ring in The New Year?”

  1. Brian Says:

    I like Snoop in the background of this photo leering at the two of them kissing.

  2. EvilBeet Says:

    Ha! I hadn’t noticed that. So wonderful. By the way, great photo find, Evil T!

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