Mucca’s Still a Liar

Heather Mills isn’t really winning over people’s hearts in the UK. According to this article in the Sun Online “Mucca is a bloody LIAR,” the press in Britian is attempting to expose Heather’s claims that Paul beat and humiliated her as false.

They also go through various statements that Heather has made in the past to expose her as a liar.

Here’s a smattering of lies that they have caught her in:

LIE: Heather told Sir Paul she had only been a topless model. In June we revealed she was snapped in a string of pornographic poses for a German sex manual.

LIE: Lady Mucca frantically denied working as a prostitute. But in July it emerged she was a £5,000-a-night hooker whose clients including arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi and an Arab prince.

This is keeps getting dirtier and dirtier. I guess the UK hasn’t had a good scandal in a while. Battling one of the of the most popular figures in Britian in the press isn’t the best idea. It is kind of like getting the people to hate Prince William. You are not going to get them on your side no matter how hard you try. You can cry cry cry that you got one leg but unless you wrote a bunch of popular songs that changed the face of British music, we don’t care much.

For another interesting article on the uphill battle Heather must face in the hearts and minds of the British people check out [Hollywood Gossip Whores]

Thanks [Perez Hilton] for the article link.


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