The Unsung Hero of MTV

I normally don’t watch the Real Wold/Road Rules Battle Challenge series anymore. It has gotten to the point where they are just screaming at each other talking about strategy. Strategy? Please. This show used to be funny because people would do stupid challenges, get drunk and hook up with each other. Lately they have become a bit self-important. I miss The Miz and Ruthie.

I guess they added a few new people to the mix in the last “Fresh Meat” installment of the series so I was fully confused the first episode this season I tried to watch. I was about to switch off the show until I saw a girl named Diem. This slight, pretty girl was fretting about having a wig because she had recently gone through chemo because of ovarian cancer. I was compelled to learn more about Diem and I found a a great article on Glamour’s website.

I was shocked to learn that this beautiful woman, at 25, was the age of me and my friends. I couldn’t imagine going through all of that in front of a national audience and she did it twice: first on the “Fresh Meat” challenge and now on the “Duel”. She gives this season a good story outside of the usual “watch reality stars mate in captivity”. If you need an MTV fix, check it out and root for her all the way. I can’t think of anyone else more deserving of a $150,000 prize.

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