Jared Leto has gone from attacking bloggers in the press to attacking them at MTV awards shows, with some Elijah Wood choking thrown in just, you know, so we’ll take him seriously from now on. [Pink is the New Blog]

Mariah Carey’s Hong Kong concert is canceled. Promoters say it was due to poor ticket sales and Carey’s “unreasonable demands.” Carey’s camp says the promoter didn’t pay. You be the judge. Or, you know, just go on with your life. [Celebrity Smack]

Sara Evans and her husband, Craigslist surfer extraordinaire Craig Schelske, settle their divorce details. Access Hollywood has the courtroom scene on video. [Access Hollywood]

Danny Bonaduce drops his pants on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, airing this Friday. I link to this item only because a kindly CBS PR flack emailed me yesterday to make me aware of it, and certainly not because I have any idea who Craig Ferguson is or why he has a television show. Actually, the same is true of Danny Bonaduce. [Hollywood Gossip Whores]

Somehow — somehow — Tara Reid thinks that, if more movies went straight to download, as her most recent one did, more actors would have jobs. Christ. There aren’t enough italics for this. [BWE]

4 Responses to “Link-tastic”

  1. Joy A Says:

    Is it just me or is Danny Bonaduce one of the fugliest celebrities around?

  2. drake leLane Says:

    Scott (Stereogum) has to be talking to a lawyer, because he hasn’t said word one on the subject (other then “And folks, we have confirmation: Jared Leto is indeed a total douchebag!) So I suspect Jared’s gonna get slapped w/ a lawsuit… he probably thought he was dealing with a penny-poor blogger, but Scott’s got some green behind him now.

    Also… Leto apparently attacked Wood for comments he made in an interview with Blender:

    “Movies, it seems, are only Wood’s second-favorite subject – when he talks about music, his blue eyes blaze: “I love music so much. But I would never try to be like other actors and attempt to make some myself. I mean, have you heard 30 Seconds to Mars?” Upon learning that Jared Leto’s nü-metal act has somehow managed to evade Blender’s ears, Wood nearly shouts: “Fucking awful, man! I love music too much to ever do it any harm.”

    Gotta love Wood for that…

  3. EvilBeet Says:

    LOL! Good finds…maybe you need to guestblog the celeb gossip section for a bit, Drake. 🙂

    Jared Leto is such a tool.

  4. d mumsie Says:

    Maybe she’s sponsering YouTube? Hee hee. I hope she has a nicer life and gets out of her deep hole of neglect and self abuse and moves on.

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