I Need Your Help!

This is a link to a ridiculously addictive game, sponsored by M&Ms. It’s a big Halloween-style picture, and you have to find the 50 movie titles represented in the picture. Some are pretty obvious, and some are impossible. My coworker and I dedicated a great deal of the workday to this today (I mean, come on, you have to take breaks from blogging every now and then), and, with our powers combined, we got 40 out of 50. But there’s no answer key! So I am stumped on the last 10! Help me, readers! Here’s what I need:

  • The woman carrying the two children (Thanks Tina!)
  • The three children dancing in a circle (Thanks to — no shit — my mom!)
  • The giant baby lying on his back (Thanks to Oliver/my early-morning vision)
  • Both items on the stairs (the green M&M and the two men) (Thanks to Miss Dee Chester!)
  • The snapped branch (I’m retarded — this wasn’t even a clue — the other clue is the steps themselves, which I got thanks to Miss Dee!)
  • The grim reaper inside the circular fence (Thanks to Miss Dee!)
  • The hunched-over man with the lantern (Thanks to Miss Dee!)
  • The man with baskets on his head and feet (Thanks to Oliver!)
  • The planets (Thanks to Miss Dee Chester and the anonymous commenter!)

Leave the answers in the comments or email me. If you’re stumped on any of the others, I’ve got answers! I’m willing to trade!

Update: Got ’em all! Thanks guys!!! YOU ROCK!!!


5 Responses to “I Need Your Help!”

  1. Oliver Says:

    Oh, sweet evil beet. isn’t the giant baby holding ROSEMARY??

    i have NO idea what the other ones are, though…

  2. Oliver Says:

    the basket guy is “the wicker man”

  3. EvilBeet Says:

    You know what? — no joke — the rosemary thing came to me early this morning IN A VISION. Good call on Wicker Man — thanks!!!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    the planets= war of the worlds
    http://snoggered.livejournal.com/307585.html#cutid1 has a list of all of the movies.

  5. Tinaglitteratigossip.com Says:

    The woman with the two children is The Mummy.

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