Trend Alert: I’m Told This is Supposed to Be "In"

Really short bangs are the new “it” hairdo. I think they are more of a hair-don’t but really who am I to criticize. I just have this weird flashback to second grade when I decided to cut my friend’s bangs. They came out looking similar to the style above and I got in quite a lot of trouble. I have to say on Rosario Dawson they are kind of hip but much like skinny jeans most people can’t carry them off, and they seem like a fashion disaster in the making.


4 Responses to “Trend Alert: I’m Told This is Supposed to Be "In"”

  1. EvilBeet Says:

    Whose bangs did you decide to cut in second grade, T? I’m trying to remember this incident, and I’m coming up blank…

  2. EvilT Says:

    Nell Haddock ladies and gentlemen. I don’t think her mother ever forgave me

  3. EvilBeet Says:

    ha ha ha…I kinda figured that was it. too funny…

  4. Anonymous Says:

    this was s/t i saw a lot of back in 98/99. i did it then, but now… i was 18. i wouldn’t do a lot of things now that i did when i was 18.

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