Hilary Duff’s Crazy-Ass Stalker in Jail

In what was probably the most exciting day of the year for the cops in the wealthy L.A. beach town of Manhattan Beach, Hilary Duff’s most devoted stalker was arrested at a Residence Inn on Friday. Maksim Miakovsky, an 18-year-old Russian emigrant, was booked on charges of making criminal threats and stalking.

A private investigator from Sunset Protective Services had contacted Miakovsky earlier in the day, and he’d stated he intended to kill Duff on Sunday, at an event she planned to attend. According to the court papers Duff filed last month, Miakovsky had come to the U.S. “for the sole purpose of meeting and becoming romantically involved with Ms. Duff.” Apparently, when that failed, he decided to kill her instead. It’s always so refreshing to see people coming to America in passionate pursuit of a dream. We take it for granted sometimes.


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