B and David Y’all Sittin in a Tree

Via the geniuses at “Best Week Ever,” here are some amazing clips of Britney Spears on David Letterman throughout her career. They put together a lovely time line which is quite amusing since I never really caught on to how she was using Dave as her little PR machine. The folks at David Letterman should be happy since he get has gotten the scoop on the Pop Princesses milestones.

By clicking on this link you get what you ask? Clips of classic Dave and B moments!

1) Britney Spears last night. (I’m not fat anymore y’all)
2) Britney announcing that she and K-Fed are expecting baby #2 (Favorite Quote: I’m still fat because I’m pregnant y’all!)
3) Britney and Kevin trying to get people to watch “Chaotic” (Favorite Quote: Kevin’s normal and I’m happy y’all!)
4) Britney shows off her new SEXY image trying to promote “Britney” (Favorite Quote: Keep Buying my Albums y’all!)
5) Britney, hot and underage shows her belly off to the world before it would hold K-Fed’s spawn just a bit down the road. (Favorite Quote: I’m Britney Spears and I want to be famous y’all).

Disclaimer: This above pic is from the appearance where Britney announced she was preggos. NOT last night.


2 Responses to “B and David Y’all Sittin in a Tree”

  1. Joy A Says:

    How long do you think it’s gonna take Brit to divorce Federsperm?

    He’s doing so bad, he’s really embarassing her.

  2. EvilBeet Says:

    Jesus, Joy, this comment is really ironic now.

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