On a Political Note

I’ve been hungover all day. Not hungover on booze but on politics. Why can’t we have one election decided that night? I’m so sick of all this recount stuff. The T is a “Conservative” (no that doesn’t mean I’m all lovely on Bush or this stupid war) but I think really I’m just enamored by the numbers on my computer come election night. I kept hitting the refresh button to check who was winning…not just on the big elections but ALL the elections.

Here are things that I think are cool about our midterm election:

1) Arizona did not pass a silly ban that would reject gay people (and straight people as well) to live as common law partners. This means that finally gay couples can have some rights in AZ. This is awesome. I’m proud that AZ didn’t go the way of other states not realizing that everyone in a loving relationship deserves basic “common law” rights.

2) South Dakota rejected a sweeping abortion ban that would have made abortion illegal even in cases of rape and incest. I’m from ND so this is shocking to me, but I’m so glad something this sweeping did not pass.

3) Pennsylvania voted to allocate $20 million dollars for veterans of the Persian Gulf war.

4) Arizona defeated a measure that would make voting into a million dollar lottery. This in my mind is a smart idea. Come on people. Vote to get your voice heard. Buy your own lottery ticket.

So here is the T’s take on politics today. Who do you think we will see in 2008? I’m not a Hillary fan, so I’m not to enthralled at the idea of her being our president. I hope we have an Obama/McCain 2008 election…that would make me excited. So, until something earth shattering happens in the world of politics I am back rooting for Britney and making fun of Paris.


One Response to “On a Political Note”

  1. EvilBeet Says:

    T, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: John McCain will never win a Republican primary. You’ll see Hillary in a general election before you’ll see McCain.

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