Deaderline: Day 2

Kevin Federline has responded to Britney Spears’ divorce filing. In the response, he asks for legal and physical custody of the couple’s two children and requests spousal support. He’s going to need it: his album debuted at #151 this week, and he’s dropped the price of tickets to his upcoming show in Chicago to $0.00 (that’s not a typo) after his recent show in NYC barely filled a sixth of the theater.

The ever-vigilant folks at Extra sent a reporter all the way out to Fresno to interview one of Kevin’s buddies from back in the day. He confirms that Federline didn’t hear about the divorce from his wife, and he is confident that Federline’s “rapping” “career” can survive his split from The Brit.

Don’t give up hope yet, Kevin! Jerry Springer — The Opera, a musical theater hit in England, is coming to the U.S. in Spring 2007, and they’re putting together a cast. They’re going to need dancers, Kev, and you’d be perfect.


2 Responses to “Deaderline: Day 2”

  1. EvilT Says:

    I love that Kevin is being all cool about being “single” while the world collectively celebrates that they don’t have to care about him anymore.

  2. Streisand_Disciple Says:

    We had to care about him?

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