Justin Guarini: Stranger Things Have Happened

That is really the title of his latest CD. Since today is American Idol day, and I am sick of writing about K-Fed, I thought I would check in on our favorite has-been American Idol runner up. He was supposed to be in this turkey of a musical called “Good Vibrations” a couple years back and pulled out because he wasn’t the “star.”
According to JustinGuarini.Com, “Justin has been sought after for many popular television programs, independent and theatrical films, and public as well as private events.”
Really? You learn new things ever day.
As an actor according to Imdb.com, he will be appearing in “Frankie the Squirrel” as Keith (the high roller). I guess he also had a rockin performance in New Jersey. Well, according to this website, at least he still has fans.


6 Responses to “Justin Guarini: Stranger Things Have Happened”

  1. Essential Crew Says:

    Why, thank you ever so much for linking our site and, uhm, borrowing our wallpaper image. Justin’s jazz album got glowing reviews, so we sure do appreciate the tiny bit of extra attention this blog will bring it.

  2. EvilBeet Says:

    Hooray! The Justin Guarini crazies are back on The Beet! I missed you guys!!!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Evil
    Of course the Justin “crazies” are here! Although we prefer the term “Jguars” and we do love and support our favorite entertainer, Justin!
    We mised you at the Justin Guarini Solo Concert. It was fantastic!
    You HAVE to hear Justin’s new music. It is really really good (he’s working on his third cd) and I dare you to find or post anything negative about the incredibly talented band that accompanied him. They were amazing and they all performed beautifully together in concert.
    You can enjoy beautiful concert videos of Justin performing at the concert (and accompanying himself on the guitar) on the You Tube site, or you can check out his Myspace Site as well for more current and accurate information.
    Actually, you know what you would probably enjoy? There is a very funny video called “Katie’s Opinion” that Justin appears in that you can find on You Tube as well.
    Justin was a very good sport, and very funny in their “battle of the sexes” Check it out Beety and let us know if you wind up with Justin’s song “Foolish” sticking in your head!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Some of us do NOT like to called ‘Jguars’. Only the crazies.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Correct, most of us do not want to be called “JGuars”. Being a fan is description enough.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Please take an hour out of your day to listen to Justin’s music!! And soon enough you’ll love Justin just as much as all of us *JGuars!!*

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