Reason #456 Why Teenagers Should Play Sports.

When I was a teenager I remember having a really crappy cellphone. I didn’t know what my number was so people couldn’t call me on the phone. My parents would page me on my little baby blue pager then I would use my little green screen cell. Maybe I had about 20 min which probably set my parents back 50 bucks.
Now, every time I see a teenager they are text messaging. I text a lot, I’m guilty as charged but it took me about 6 months to get more than a couple words out of my phone. These kids text continuously. It is nuts. So nuts that this is a quote from a story on AOL news.

“Sixteen-year-old Ang Chuang Yang typed the SMS (short message service) message in 41.52 seconds, beating the previous record of 42.22 seconds set by American Ben Cook in July, according to Singapore Telecommunications, organizers of the competition.”

What? There is a competition for text messaging. Something about that is sad.

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