O.J. Simpson is a Seriously Disturbed Individual

Mr. Orenthal James refuses to disappear into obscurity, and, if that means he has to keep bringing up that whole yeah-I-killed-my-wife thing, then that is what will happen. Honestly, can someone just take one for the team and give this guy a movie role already?

According to the AP, Fox plans to broadcast a two-part interview with Simpson in which he will regale us all with tales of “how he would have committed” the brutal murders of his ex-wife and her friend, Ron Goldman. Simpson has agreed to an “unrestricted” interview with book publisher Judith Regan (who I had the distinct pleasure of meeting last year, and who would probably kill your wife, too, if it helped her close a deal).

The interview will air November 27 and 29. This all comes, of course, at the head of the tidal wave that is O.J.’s forthcoming book, If I Did It (Can you guess the publisher? Can you? Think real hard.), in which The Juice “hypothetically describes how the murders would have been committed.”

O.J. can, of course, go on and on about all this for as long as he damn well pleases, as double jeopardy laws prevent him from ever being convicted of the disgusting crime he clearly wants the world to know he committed. And Judith Regan is happy to collect the money you’ll pay to listen.

4 Responses to “O.J. Simpson is a Seriously Disturbed Individual”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Don’t just complain, take action against this ridiculous program. We need to boycott not only the programming, but all viewing November 27th and Nov 29th on FOX. And we need to have Advertisers pull their advertising. Go to http://voicescount.blogspot.com to learn more.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    If he were not black he would have been convicted. Just another example of reverse discrimination in this country. A white or Asian man would be in prison right now.

  3. Edric Floyd Says:

    WGXA-TV (FOX-24) in Macon Georgia has announced that they will NOT be airing the program.

    They have a poll question about OJ Simpson on their website http://www.fox24.com

    But management of the station decided to tell FOX network that they will not be airing the program. The parent company of Macon’s FOX 24 is Piedmont Television which owns several FOX affilates. It is possible those other stations may also choose to not air the program.

    I often DO NOT AGREE with censorship. I think the program should air and people should express their disapproval with it. Then those us us who are disgusted (like me) can easily choose to NOT watch this mess.

  4. scotthttp://www.boycottfoxoj.com/ Says:

    Last night I set up a simple web page at my dad’s request to try to churn up a count of those who would boycott Fox and/or the airing of the interview. Please pass the word along!

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