George Clooney Still Sexier Than Actual Sex

He’s done it again. George Clooney has taken home the “Sexiest Man Alive” title from People magazine. He first won it nine whole years ago, clearly there are no traditional limits on this man’s sexuality.

Here’s the problem I have with George Clooney; there is no problem. He gives great interviews, he’s got great friends, he chooses great projects. This is highly frustrating to someone who sees the celeb world as a collection of freaky deaky folks. It also means that Clooney is hiding something unspeakable like he’s got a twin who’s hooked on PCP or he once killed a cat because he was bored. I don’t know what the thing will be when it comes out but I guarantee you’ll shake your head because you never saw it coming. Well I did. Everyone’s got something to hide.

Fine, he’s damn sexy, and that’s coming from a happy straight man. But later today I’m going to have to go after the rest of the list with both guns blazing.

2 Responses to “George Clooney Still Sexier Than Actual Sex”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    He’s handsome, but honestly, I have never seen what is so ‘sexy’ about him. He looks normal and probably above-average intellegent, but a bit arrogant, too. And a bit dull.

  2. SickOfStars Says:

    Clooney is another un-talented, arrogant, overpaid “movie star” neither deserving of his reputation nor his money. I wouldn’t give you 10 cents for him because that’s at lease 10 times too much. If he spoke to me, I wouldn’t answer and if he asked me out, I wouldn’t go. I would rather take hemlock.

    Somebody please tell me why he’s famous-or any of them for that matter. Boring, uninteresting, untalented.


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