Even Communism Can’t Stop Bond

I’ll echo my Evil sis’ thoughts on Daniel Craig being hunkish but I do have some reservations about the pursed lips that Craig comes dangerously close to flouting in Casino Royale. If he clenches his cheeks just a little more he’s entered Courtney Taylor of the Dandy Warhols territory which is not a place you want to be.

I do have good news though. China has reviewed the film and found no reason it can’t be shown without editing. Mission Impossible 3 was edited to hell because it showed China in an unflatteringly light. And don’t even get me started on Memoirs of a Geisha. I think I read the Chinese government issued some type of fatwa against that.

EvilBeet, I’m doing my best to get us banned in Bejiing!


One Response to “Even Communism Can’t Stop Bond”

  1. EvilT Says:

    I love your use of fatwa.

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