Monday Morning Music

Here is my new favorite artist. His name is Mickey Avalon. I saw him in San Diego when he performed at Aubergine. He is a punk rapper from the mean streets of LA. Essentially, America’s Pete Doherty. He likes to rap about his penis, drugs and his skills in the bedroom. He has quite a past working as a male prostitute so his angst is legit. Take the Federline. I wouldn’t do him but he has quite the female fan base. Lyrically I think he is quite fun and “Jane Fonda” is my new favorite booty shaking song.

3 Responses to “Monday Morning Music”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey I love this dude too. I caught his name on your blog a few days ago and wondered how you’d came across him.

    I was in SD the week before he played there recently. I was so BUMMED out about not being able to see him. I’m from the east coast so it was going to be a rare opportunity.

    Check out all of his stuff because everything is great. Jane Fonda is the first tune I heard as well.

    Anyway- He comes off as a trainwreck sometimes but still is fascinating to watch and listen to!

  2. EvilT Says:

    Bought the whole CD on itunes and I love the whole thing…which is rare these days. He is such a trainwreck on stage but really fun to watch. If anybody gets a reason to check him out live…DO IT!

  3. medusas mom Says:

    Mickey Avalon’s live show is unlike no other! Always a party!

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