Blind Item! A New Lip-Syncing Scandal???


The lawyer who writes the Crazy Days and Nights blog posted a sort of blind item today, implying that someone big in the music industry has been using an unknown singer’s vocals on, well, all her albums. The real singer, who he refers to as “S,” has not been getting her usual hush money, and now wants to come forward with her story. The famous singer, who he refers to as “MV” (for Milli Vanilli), has been “recording” since 2001, has had several hit songs and at least one gold record. The kids at Idolator have narrowed it down to four top guesses: Alicia Keys, Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore and Christina Millian. They’re going with Mandy Moore.

What do you think?

One Response to “Blind Item! A New Lip-Syncing Scandal???”

  1. EvilT Says:

    Mandy Moore, it isn’t Jess as much as I would like it to be. I watched E and they have old videos singing to creepy papa Joe in church. But..does Mandy have a gold record??

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