Welcome to the Black Hole of Stupidity

Via Page Six this morning,

“In a move that may cause a black hole of stupidity to implode in the middle of Las Vegas, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton have been tapped to co-host the Billboard Music Awards at the MGM Grand Monday. The two “flashionistas” – who have recently given glimpses of their bare, well-groomed nether regions as they hang out with pal Lindsay Lohan – won’t perform any musical numbers.”

Some journalist was getting creative this morning. I love, that in the world of gossip news, “black hole of stupidity” is an acceptable phrase. Also…”flashonistas?”…brilliant! I do believe that this is the signal of the end of Britney’s “comeback.” Paris Hilton will get you in the papers but for all the wrong reasons. And by all the wrong reasons, I mean , vagina.


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