50 Cent Pimp Slaps Oprah

Finally someone has put that whore Oprah in her place.

No, only screwing with you, me and Oprah are tight. However, that’s not the case with her and 50 cent. According to the acclaimed (like eight years ago) rapper:

“(She) Started out with black women’s views but has been catering to middle-aged white American women for so long that she’s become one herself.”

The article also notes that 50 cent and other rappers have been critical of Opes for not having rappers on her show.

Personally, if I ever have a show called “The SpitefulLars Show” I’m going to invite whoever the hell I want. If that doesn’t include other people of spite, well tough luck. It’s my show. Cram it. In summation, I think I’ve regrouped from calling her a naughty name to officially rushing to her defense. Go me!

PS- Sorry no shots of Oprah’s vagina.

One Response to “50 Cent Pimp Slaps Oprah”

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