Wanna Party With Some Douchebags in New York?

Here in New York we have a phenomenon that I like to call, “douchebag post-grad party boys.” They are boys who get paid to much to push money around and they haunt all of the “hot spots” of New York almost every night of the week. They are rarely very attractive and oftentimes are quite aggressive with any girl that they think they can bring home for the evening. I guess somebody thought that it would be cool to follow some of them around to learn about how these party boys roll.

Wanna check it out the video that has everyone buzzing in New York? Click here.

Here are some highlights for you of how these doucebags roll…these are direct quotes.

“I got big expectations, I’m trying to do big things tonight.”

“Whatever you do, don’t pick a girl up until at least 2 am.”

“Here’s to living single, seeing double, threesomes, foreplay, 5 of a kind, six packs, seven days a week, New York.”

This kind of lame makes me want to move.


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