Oh Hell Yes: The Lane Garrison Story Has a Jessica Simpson Twist

See, I told you it was weird. Lane Garrison, the 26-year-old Prison Break actor whose Saturday-night outing with 3 teenagers proved deadly for one of them, was sent to live with Joe Simpson as a troubled teen in Texas. Yes, that Joe Simpson. Papa Joe. Jess and Ashlee’s dad. Back when he was a minister and not a manager and freelance photographer, trying to make sure the lights hit his daughters’ breasts just right.

Garrison has said he and Jessica “basically grew up together.”

Jessica’s rep weighs in: “She loves him and wishes him well during this difficult time.”

Weird. Jessica’s whole Dolly Parton mishap occured Sunday night. This accident occured on Saturday night. I wonder if the news had her shaken up. Maybe (please God) there is soooo much more beneath the surface here…

One Response to “Oh Hell Yes: The Lane Garrison Story Has a Jessica Simpson Twist”

  1. Abe-O Says:

    What was he troubled with anyway? Seems like his real problems didn’t start until…let’s say 10 years later!

    Some of the blogs are saying that Jessica’s tear-filled performance with Dolly Parton was fueled by the Garrison accident, and others are saying it was a wardrobe malfunction.

    I also read that Garrison’s lawyers say that someone “slipped something in his drink”– err, yea, I guess the bartender “slipped” rum into his coke. Just a theory, people.


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