Please Don’t Break My Big Gay Heart

So T.R. Knight (O’Malley, Grey’s Anatomy) and Neil Patrick Harris (Doogie, Doogie) made an appearance at a gay themed charity last night. The charity was a suicide hotline for gay youth, and although I’m not sure what’s different about talking gay folk down from the ledge I fully respect this portion of the story. I’m down with any hotline actually; hell even the one on the back of my conditioner bottle can be helpful when I need someone to talk to. So no issues there.

Sadly, while reading this and feeling generally great about hotlines I stumbled upon:

“(Doogie) Harris explained that his “highly paid PR firm” had advised him to “lay low for a while.”

Man, I don’t know who your PR firm is but they suck very hard indeed. Lay low for a while?? If you lay any lower you’re going to be getting pancakes for me around 3am at my local IHOP.

Let me break this down for you NPH. No one watches your show, the one with “mother” in the title. Anyone who remembers you knows you as Doogie from a show you did over a decade ago. You were in Starship Troopers for God’s sake! Do I have to slap you upside the head for you to see the light? Your career is not on the path to superstardom, maybe it’s time to shake things up a little, eh?

My point is that as a lame teen actor you are a dime a dozen. No one needs it. Now as a lame teen actor who is also gay… well, you might be able to get a few more years out of that.

Anyway. Rant over.

When are we opening the EvilBeet PR firm?

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