Beyonce is Being a Bit Diva-licious

Beyonce is trying to act like she doesn’t care that Jennifer Hudson is totally getting the better reviews for “Dreamgirls” but she isn’t doing a very good job at it. At her film premiere last night she posed for pictures and then abruptly left to hop a plane for her boyfriend JZ’s birthday party. I guess she was too much of a diva to actually sit through the movie with the rest of the cast.

Here are some quotes from miss Beyonce regarding the buzz around the film…

“I’m already a star. I already have nine Grammys. Everyone knows I can sing. I did [Dreamgirls] because I wanted people to know that I can act and I can play someone so different from myself.”

“I knew that the character that I played wasn’t the star … I’m already a star. I already have nine Grammys. Everyone knows I can sing. I wish I could have gained 20 pounds and played Effie.”

Uh, huh you are just trying to make yourself feel better because…

1) You were supposed to get the Oscar nod for your performance but it is Jennifer Hudson’s performance that, according to New York Times reporter David Carr, “seals the show.”

2) Her Majesty Oprah actually called Jennifer personally to let her know that she had a “transcendent performance.” Oprah just doesn’t call everybody personally.

3) Jennifer gets the good songs in the movie including the show stopping “You’re Gonna Love Me.” Which is shockingly good. Nobody has said much about your voice.

4) All the press in the world isn’t going to make people stop about talking about Jennifer Hudson. Oh ya, and you starved yourself to do this movie and she is a full figured beauty who has stolen your star.

I’m so excited to see this movie I can’t even explain.

“Dreamgirls” opens December 15th in (NY/LA) and on Christmas Day everywhere else. Go see it!


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