Sienna Miller, Call Me.

I’m a fan of Sienna Miller. I don’t know if it was her work in Layer Cake or the beating she took on the Jude Law thing but I’ve been quietly pulling for her. Well, here is a fun interview The interview is very long and somewhat of a puff piece but I did enjoy this tidbit:

(on breaking up with Jude Law) “There were times when I felt like it was all just too much to deal with,” she recalls, declining to share the details. (Miller admits that she’s tried therapy, but after angrily calling the therapist a “cow” in response to a particularly difficult question in the first session, she was told she was still in trauma and not ready for analysis. She has not been back since.

Okay, that’s good fun. I can’t imagine how this came up but my imagination is running wild. “Sienna, do you think you are attracted to Jude because you’re having trouble with how your dad treated your mom?” (pause for Sienna to puff on a cig) “You Cow!!” I’m guessing she may never be ready for therapy. Don’t sweat it sister, the great ones defy analysis. Consider me still pulling for you.

Oh, one last thing, the interview mostly deals with her role in Factory Girl, a role that Katie Holmes was attached to at some point in the production but allegedly pulled out of due to the risque level and the fact that she’s slowly preparing for when she’s beamed to a new planet.


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