Borat Frat Boys’ Case Dismissed

A judge dismissed the case against the two frat boys who sued the producers of Borat for their negative portrayal in the film, claiming they were inebriated and misled when they signed the release forms.

The students alleged that their portrayal in the film (as the horrible racist freaks that they are) was costing them employment opportunities and very important frat positions (isn’t that an oxymoron?).

The judge ruled that they had failed to show a reasonable probability of success based on the merits of their case.

One Response to “Borat Frat Boys’ Case Dismissed”

  1. Time Cube Prophecies Says:

    Those frat boys were great in the film; they came across as friendly, affable, and very supportive of the bumbling Kazakh Borat when he discovered that Pamela Anderson was more sexually promiscuous than he would have liked to think. I guess they made a few controversial comments, though. Some misogynism there, with their reference to having sex with girls at parties and then never telephoning those girls again, because they had no respect for them and would rather objectify them as sex objects.

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