Brit’s New Man

And we begin, per usual, with the time-tested opener for Britney-related pieces: Oops! She did it again! Britney Spears is hooking up with the help. The ‘razzi snapped pictures of her sucking face (while sucking a cigarette) with music producer Jonathan “J.R.” Rotem. Rotem is working with Spears on her new album, and also worked with … wait for it … Kevin Federline, on Playing with Fire. Federline had Rotem as one of his top MySpace friends until Monday, when he was removed from the list.

This seems to be a pattern for Britney. When she and Justin Timberlake split, one billion years ago, it was widely assumed (although never confirmed by either party), that it was because she cheated on him with Wade Robson, who choreographed both her tour and *NSYNC’s. So maybe Brit just has a thing for men who work for both her and her previous dudes. Because, um, I’ve seen pics of this Rotem kid, and I can’t imagine she has a thing for his face. But whatevs.

Anyway, Rotem wasted no time in hitting up Hyde, now that he’s famous and all. TMZ has video. Rock on, Britney.

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