Jolie Will Steal Your Man, Then Welcome a Sitdown

I think we all should fear Angelina Jolie just a little bit. Not in the way that cripples thought, but more like a “I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to nuts. My throat is constricting. This Apple Brown Betty has nuts in it doesn’t it?” sort of thing.

Well, she’s given me a little more reason not to mess with her in an interview with Vogue. Personal aside, why is she doing interviews with Vogue? Aren’t they part of the system? Have they adopted children I’m not aware of? Rant over.

Jolie initially denies that she has met Aniston, but she clarifies herself. “We’ve, like, passed each other and said ‘hi’ briefly, shook hands. But not a real sit-down-and-talk kind of meeting.” Will they have a proper meeting? “That would be her decision, and I would welcome it.”

Sigh. Now I have more questions. What exactly would a proper meeting entail? “Yeah, so anyway, Brad and I are traveling the globe in search of new children we can both take care of. He said life with you was hell. We done here?”

I mean this is a chick who has sported a vial of blood around her neck. I don’t think Jen is looking to grab a quick mochachino. Hell, I’m shocked she even survived the hand shake.

22 Responses to “Jolie Will Steal Your Man, Then Welcome a Sitdown”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    He’s a cheating cad and she’s a husband-stealing, homewrecking very vain woman. Jen made me laugh for 10 years, and Angelina’s weird ways made gag for at least that. So Brad and Jen gave “serious” consideration to what they planned to do. What she meant is that they put a lot of serious thought in how Brad would leave Jen, America’s sweetheart, and not lose his reputation. So she says she didn’t mean to break up Brad and Jen, but that’s exactly what she did and she ain’t sorry! As she says, her life is great now. Of course she destroyed another’s life to get what she wanted. And, she got pregnant while Brad was still married to Jen. Shiloh cemented to deal. In fact, seeing how unpredictable she can be, I would imagine Brad better not cross her or she will forbid him to see his child. Face it Angelina. You stole another woman’s husband. You stole her future. You have possibly caused a big enough kink in Jen’s life that will prevent her from experiencing the joys of motherhood. By the way, we never saw Maddox until you and Brad hooked up. And, your charity work and the part about taking the cameras to poor countries where they can do some good. That idea is not original. You got that one from Princes Diana. Oddly enough, I think you are mimicking her. Oh well, I had to say it because I just can’t stand people trying to justify their moral wrongs, and you and Brad have done a whopper. As you said, Brad loved and respected his best friend, Jen. You were both content, as you said. But somehow, forces beyond your control, you fell for Brad, and you used your looks to steal him from her. There is an old song by Dolly Parton called Joleen. You should really listen to it sometimes. It’s true, you shouldn’t trust anyone. Just google Brad and Jen and look at all the years of pictures showing their happiness with one another. Take a look. I swear, no woman can feel safe in her home with her husband when someonne like you starts pouring on the charm. Don’t get me wrong. I dislike Brad even more because, like it or not, he was married for better, for worse, for life. A few years down the road, you are going experience that “somethings wrong with your relationship feeling” that Jen surely felt. I admire and not pity her. She is class.

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