How Lucky is This Guy?

So all of you are familiar with “Girls Gone Wild.” You know, the videos where drunk young girls show off their goodies for the camera. The owner of the GGW empire, Joe Francis, keeps escaping jail time for doing some very very shady things. He’s been accused of drug trafficking, child pornography, racketeering, fraud, among other things and has yet to spend time in jail.

His most recent legal woe was that people finally realized that perhaps some of those young girls on his videos were not of age. A few under-18 ladies came forth and accused Joe, and his videos of runing their lives. I do really have no sympathy for drunken girls that get naked on camera and then use the “I was really wasted” excuse but there is no way that any images of girls who are under the legal age should be used in a soft-core porn video. His company fessed up to not monitoring the ages of the girls used in the videos (I guess he casually asked them “You are 18, right?) and paid $1.6 million dollars in fines while Francis simply got community service. I love that his company plead guilty to using UDERAGE GIRLS in PORN VIDEOS and only have to pay out an estimated 3 percent of their profits since 2002. Yes, that is how much those videos make a year. This is the reason why you always see Joe in his private jet, and why he has befriended the Hollyslut set of Paris, Niki, Lindsay, Brandon, Stavros, ect…
This guy is one lucky dude. This is a really sketchy business and so far, the company that distributes the videos, Mantra Films Inc., has taken the brunt of the resposibility for Joe’s bad judgement.
Once more Joe Francis is off the hook. Boob flashing continues this Spring in Florida and beyond.

We at the Beet have not been the biggest Joe Francis supporters. He is lame, exploits women, and really is so 2001.

For the LA Times Article that started the backlash, click [here]

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