Lacey All Grown Up

Lacey Chabert is this month’s Maxim hottie. Now Lacey is a good girl and I’m glad they didn’t make her talk about anything too dirty. I really know from a very good source that she is a nice Southern Belle so I wouldn’t have wanted to hear any of that weird Maxim banter coming from her.
She posed this month to promote her new movie, “Black Christmas,” which is described as a “sorority slay flick.” I really hope that her career takes off because, in my personal opinion, she was the best part of “Mean Girls.” Take it away Lacey, I’d rather see you on screen than Lindsay Lohan any day.

Here is my favorite quote from the article when asked about her favorite pick up line Lacey says,

“At least be creative. None of this, That shirt will really look good on my floor,’ or, ‘All those curves and no brakes?’ Somebody said that to me in Target. I was like, ‘First of all, we’re in Target. Second of all, that’s so cheesy!’ I couldn’t help but laugh, though.”

How adorable is she! (and for you boys, yes…she is quite hot)

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