Hells Yeah! Dirt on Miss USA!

Woo hoo! It was only a matter of time — the details are beginning to come out about Miss USA’s fall from grace. The New York Post (filed under News, not Page Six), reports that Conner has been evicted from her Trump Place apartment in NYC (and they’ve nicknamed her “Mess USA,” and at first I rolled my eyes, but, on second thought, good job).

Says a doorman at her former home: “She does not live here anymore. She is not allowed anywhere on Trump property. She is certainly not allowed to come back. I don’t think it was her choice, really.” Conner has returned to her hometown in Kentucky.

So on to the dirt!

The Post, probably fueled on sheer fury that TMZ scooped them on the story that the first runner-up had been told she’d be getting the crown, did some hard-core digging. And it’s bad. And — oh! — it’s ever so good.

According to one source, “she has a really bad drug problem. Everyone at Miss USA hated her. She slept with Travis Barker and she sleeps with all the club promoters.”

Ick! She slept with Travis Barker?! I thought we left disgusting work like that to Paris Hilton.

The Post also reports that Conner has been “linked romantically to two of the owners of the club Stereo, MTV veejay Damien Fahey, American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, and DJ AM’s assistant.”

Let’s reflect. The owners of Stereo, okay. Fine. Ryan Seacrest? Is gay. So no. And DJ AM’s assistant? Are you kidding? DJ AM has an assistant? To do what? Carry around barf bags for Nicole Richie? Hm.

Talk of Conner’s drug problem continues with comments from another “friend”: “She was latching onto a crew of promoters because she had no other friends and she was using them for drugs. She started utilizing hip New York City people in the night-life scene to feed her addictions. I cut her off when she started leeching off all the other people I introduced her to.”

Why, dear? Because then there was less blow for you? I hate it when that happens. I cut off prettier girls, too, because people always give them their drugs first.

The Post also found not one but two sources who claim Tara liked to get it on in club bathrooms. “She always went the extra mile,” is the quote they chose to print.

There’s also the typical dirt on how these problems are “deep-rooted,” how Tara was never particularly invested in winning the Miss USA crown, and a random comparison to Lindsay Lohan.

Expect an announcement from the Trump organization on Tuesday.


One Response to “Hells Yeah! Dirt on Miss USA!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    She is a mess. Too much time with Paris and Lindsay?


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