Britney Spears vs. The Lakers Crowd

Britney Spears has lost the home-court advantage in the battle for her reputation. Brit, whose face somehow gained 20 pounds this weekend, showed up to see the Lakers take on the Wizards last night with kid sister Jamie Lynn. When they showed her on the Jumbotron, the Los Angeles crowd actually started booing. Britney has not been winning supporters in L.A. — or anywhere else for that matter. She has learned to wear underwear these days — although she sometimes forgets to put an outfit over it — but it doesn’t look like her adopted hometown is willing to forgive her original lapse of judgment. Or her second one. Or her third one.

As if this weren’t enough, the Jumbotron later focused on a K-Fed lookalike, prompting cheers from the audience. Britney left the game before half-time, visibly upset about the incident. Even more distressing, the Lakers lost in overtime.


One Response to “Britney Spears vs. The Lakers Crowd”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    still love you Britney

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