Chad Lowe Just Making the Christmas Rounds

You know when you’re schlepping your girlfriend to some holiday party at the house of a friend you’ve only been to once before? And you know which street it’s on, and you’re pretty sure you’ll remember the house, but then you get there and they’re all white ranch-styles with long driveways? And so you’re like “Fuck, what am I supposed to do now?” And you call your friend for the address but he’s not picking up the phone. And your girlfriend’s sitting there like “Um, can I just open the bottle of wine we brought as a hostess gift while you sort this one out, Magellan?” And so you’re like “It’s this one, I’m sure of it,” and she’s like “Are you really sure? Do you recognize any of those cars out front?” and you’re like “Yeah,” but that’s a lie, but you bravely walk up and knock on the door, and someone says “Come in!” and so you walk in to find a roomful of people you’ve never seen before in your life and this is clearly not your friend’s house and it is incredibly awkward and embarrassing?


So then imagine you’re kind of a celebrity (or at least you used to be married to one), and your night goes just like that, and then one of the party guests submits an account of the event to a major L.A. gossip blog, which runs the email verbatim. Because that is totally what just happened to Chad Lowe. Check out the full account on Defamer.


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