If You Were Lindsay Lohan’s Publicist, You’d Swear a Lot, Too

It has been a rough year for Leslie Sloan Zelnick, publicist to the stars. In June, client Britney Spears gave pretty much the most embarrassing interview ever to Matt Lauer. Zelnick took a ton of heat for not having been present at the trainwreck. But, as we all know, when Britney Spears wants to make a total ass of herself, that is what Britney Spears will do. She fired Zelnick in late September.

Zelnick’s also had the dubious honor of serving as Lindsay Lohan’s publicist this year, which I can’t imagine is your typical 9-5, and it seems like, as the year draws to a close, Zelnick is thisclose to losing it completely. Star magazine is running a story this week about how, despite talk of Lindsay’s AA participation, her pad is still a who’s who of uppers. They went to Zelnick for comment. Her response? “It’s all bulls–t.”

Well, if Lindsay really does have all that coke, hopefully she’s willing to donate some to her publicist. Because if anyone deserves to get loaded this holiday season, it’s Leslie Sloan Zelnick.


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