She’s Not That Innocent

The saga of Miss USA/Miss Teen USA continues. Not only have reports come out saying that the two had an “inappropriate relationship” but also Miss Teen USA Katie Blair, 18, has been dropped as a spokesperson for Mother Against Drunk Driving (MADD). According to Heidi Castle, the spokesperson for MADD,

“In the past, MADD has teamed with Miss Teen USA to raise awareness about the serious and often deadly consequences of underage drinking. However, we do not feel, at this time, that Ms. Blair can be an effective spokesperson on underage drinking and will not ask her to represent MADD in future initiatives,”

So even though Tara keeps insisting that Katie is “totally innocent” I’m sure she was there by Tara’s side partying away. Really what else are two hot blondes supposed to do in New York City?
At the end of the day both these girls are hot and famous and that is how the Donald likes it.

Update: I am sorry that we can’t find a better photo of these two girls…you know something where they are in their party pants and making out. I will be searching the internet today for a Christmas miracle, ie.- some lucky dude with a camera phone that got a shot of these two girls getting it on while visibly intoxicated.

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