A Fashion Post by The Beet!

So, normally I leave the haute couture discussions in more capable hands (read: Evil T), but my good friend Marc Chung (who runs a data mining blog I’m sure this audience will find captivating) pointed out to me tonight that our two blogs may have some common ground.

In his data mining adventures, Marc stumbled upon Like.com, an online software that allows you to specify items a celebrity is wearing in a photo and quickly search the Internet for similar fashion items. You can specify color, price range, and which factors about the style are most important to you, and Like.com will present you with a series of similar products you might like, and tell you where you can buy them online.

The software’s still in its alpha version, so it’s very preliminary. I’m pretty sure you can only use the pictures they already have uploaded, and some searches come up blank, but some work really well. It’s definitely a website for fashionistas to keep an eye on.


One Response to “A Fashion Post by The Beet!”

  1. Marinahttp://stores.ebay.fr/marinamode Says:

    Your blog is great !

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