Julia Roberts Expecting a Baby!

Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan are always griping about how they wish the paparazzi would leave them alone (Paris doesn’t usually bother to lie about it), all the while hitting up every L.A. shindig at which there’s even a remote chance there’ll be a camera. Julia Roberts, on the other hand, actually meant it: she married, had two babies and moved to a ranch in New Mexico, where, if she is getting rip-roaring drunk and not wearing underwear, she’s at least doing it inside. As a consequence, we don’t hear much from Ms. Roberts, who most recently voiced the titular spider of Charlotte’s Web, in the gossip world, and it’s always a treat when we do.

Page Six is reporting that Julia, 39, and husband Danny Moder, 37, are expecting a third child sometime next summer. They already have twins, Phinnaeus Walter and Hazel Patricia, to whom Julia gave birth in November 2004, after a difficult pregnancy with mandated bed rest. Hopefully this one will go smoother for Jules. Congratulations to the happy family!


2 Responses to “Julia Roberts Expecting a Baby!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Are her twins from in vitro or are they natural?


  2. julia robnerts makes knockoff movies Says:

    every time julia roberts does a movie and is on tv a person dies. She is psychotic and either she or the person she is with flashes the sign of death on her face.
    annie liebowitz photo shoot has annie flashing the sign of death as she talks about julia roberts. Then bill clinton photo is shown.
    flashing a sign that you know makes people get killed is murder

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