It Turns Out Britney Remembers She Has Children

Or at least her lawyers did.

Britney and K-Fed agreed to a temporary custody arrangement for the month of January. While it’s been said (by celebrity gossip bloggers, who, like myself, all have J.D.s and a minimum of five years experience practicing divorce law) that Britney’s wild ways, when contrasted with Federline’s recent campaign for Father of the Year, would result in a custody settlement that favors the Fed-Ex, that doesn’t seem to be the case so far.

Federline got his ass whooped in the arrangement. Well, I mean, he got his ass whooped if you start with the assumption that he wasn’t actually hoping for a court-mandated excuse to rarely have to bother being around his children. According to the agreement, Federline can spend the hours of noon to four on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with his children, at Spears’ home. Spears is allowed to be present. Spears is also allowed to take the children to Miami for a week, starting today.

Britney, who recently admitted to being “far from perfect” in a letter to fans on her website, and Kevin have yet to determine a final custody agreement.

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