Things to Do at Work Because It’s Friday

Well, I guess it’s technically Thursday night right now, but, by the time you all read this, it’ll be Friday. And there’s no need to do real work on Friday.

1. Test your movie know-how with The Invisibles quizzes on FilmWise. I’ll give you a few to start out with. Can you identify these films?

2. Check out Wil Wheaton’s reviews of Star Trek: The Next Generation episodes on TV Squad. I cannot believe it took me so long to discover these. They’re hilarious.

3. Imagine if your favorite (or least favorite) actors got all the film roles they’d auditioned for, or took all the roles they were offered. Michelle Pfeiffer as the star of Basic Instinct? (She turned it down.) Tom Hanks as the lead in Jerry Maguire? Ew! (He passed.) Nicole Kidman as the star of Catwoman? (She was considered but wasn’t offered the role.) Check out more fun facts at

4. Check out re-cut movie trailers and trailer mash-ups at I’ve posted one of my favorites here. It’s Garden State re-cut to look like a thriller. Plenty more where that came from.

Got other ideas of things to do at work because it’s Friday? What are your favorite time-killing websites? Share them in the comments or email us and we’ll post ’em. We’re all in this together, folks. Let’s not be any more productive than we have to be.


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