It’s Gonna Take More Than Fat Rosie to Save The Apprentice

Last night, for the first time in my life, I forgot that a new season of The Apprentice was starting. In fact, I’d never really made a mental note of it to begin with. It even seemed to have slipped my TiVo’s mind. Apparently the rest of the country had the same brain fart, as Trumpie’s lastest brainchild debuted to its lowest ratings ever. It placed third in its time slot, losing out to Desperate Housewives and Without a Trace. Fox aired Family Guy reruns against it (boooo…come on, Fox!!!), but had they run new eps, Trumpie probably would have come in last among the big guys. Despite all the hulabaloo Trump’s caused with the Tara Conner rehab nonsense and the Rosie feud, Americans just don’t care about this show anymore.

The Apprentice is pretty over, in my mind. You can set in in L.A., you can set it in the jungle, you can sign up Ivanka Trump or Keira Knightley or Jenna Fucking Jameson, for all I care, it’s the same predictable bunch of blow-hards trying to figure out how to use a Wharton MBA to hawk ice cream on the corner and sucking Donald’s gilded cock every chance they get. (“This is Trump Penis. It is the finest penis in the whole country, and probably even the world.”)

Throw in the towel, Trump. It’s done.

One Response to “It’s Gonna Take More Than Fat Rosie to Save The Apprentice”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I could not wait to see this season of the apprentice. I loved watching a female version of trump. His daughter is Trump with a good hair day!! lol

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