Style Forecast for 2007

Ladies listen up, styles are going 60s for the New Year. Looser, super-short 60s shift dresses are coming into style with fun details to spice them up for nighttime. Not only are clothes going 60s, but also makeup as well. Smokey eyes and frosty lips will rule the club scene and lashes are going to be big big big. Break out your fake eyelashes because those are going to be the norm for red carpet events.

While I’m super excited about the 60s coming back, I’m quite frightened about another new trend…wide-legged pants. What? This idea is almost as bad as Stella McCartney’s metallic jumpsuit. While I am glad that pants are finally going to cover my butt, I don’t know if the whole high-waisted thing works with the common woman.

I read somewhere also about neon being big for 2007 which I really don’t think is going to stick. If it does, I might actually break out some LA Gear sneakers and slap bracelets to celebrate.

Get excited ladies and gentlemen for a whole new year of Fashion Victim of the Week and various other Spiteful and Evil comments about various celebrity fashion faux pas. Will Rachel Zoe fade into oblivion? Will Britney Spears ever look lady-like? Will Lindsay Lohan stop wearing leggings? Only time will tell…


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