Can Luke Perry Save Renee Zellweger’s Career?

Man, I cannot tell you how grateful I was to read today that Renee Zellweger has been dating Luke Perry. See, I think Renee’s a fine actress, but for the past decade or so, she just hasn’t had much luck picking scripts. Projects like Bridget Jones, Chicago and Cold Mountain must have looked good on paper, but just didn’t fly with audiences as finished products. As a result, Renee hasn’t really been on anyone’s radar lately — audiences just don’t care about her at all anymore — and her true talent gets overlooked again and again.

But with the star power of Luke Perry behind her, Renee’s certain to become a household name. Perry, with such recent cinematic hits as Dishdogz, Descent and the upcoming The Sandlot 3, is simply on fire right now. The eyes of the world are trained upon him, breathlessly awaiting his every brilliant career move, and as a longtime fan of the lesser-known Zellweger, I am grateful that she will soon be awash in the glow of Perry fandom, her profile reflecting some of the light from his shining star.

Luke Perry can do for Renee Zellweger what Tom Cruise did for Katie Holmes, what Tom Cruise did for Penelope Cruz, and what Tom Cruise did for Nicole Kidman. This Renee Zellweger is one to watch this year, folks. With that Luke Perry on her arm, she’s soon to have a successful career of her very own, very soon.

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