Top Chef’s Marcel Gets His Ass Kicked By a Girl

Well, a girl and a bottle, technically. I guess it really takes a woman to do a man’s job. According to Page Six, someone finally did the bodily harm to the scrawny contestant that Sam, Cliff and Ilan had dreamed of for months. “This girl came up to me at a nightclub and asked me if I was Marcel from ‘Top Chef,’ ” Marcel says. “The next thing I knew, this bottle struck me, and my friends had to rush me to the hospital. I needed 30 stitches.”

Here’s what surprises me: Marcel has friends. Not just friends, but the kind of friends who rush one to the hospital in this situation, rather than high-fiving the bottle-throwing girl. I wonder what type of bottle it was. I hope it was beer, and I hope there was foam in it.


One Response to “Top Chef’s Marcel Gets His Ass Kicked By a Girl”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Why does everyone hate Marcel so much? He’s the nicest person on that show. The only bit of personality the other men on the show (and obviously this stupid girl and her bottle — was it that horror Betty? The 50 year old woman who has nothing better to do than make chunky soups and whine and moan about a guy half her age?) have displayed is their ability to hate, be cruel and gang up on someone who doesnt deserve it. They’re the bullies everyone knows have no self esteem themselves and just look to hurting others to enhance themselves. Marcel’s handled all of this really well, as seen on the show, and in my opinion, is the best person on there.

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