BBC Love.

I just finished watching the entire BBC “Office” series and I have to say that I am in LOVE with the inspiration for the American hit. Tim and Dawn really give Jim and Pam a run for their money. If you need something to watch on a rainy (or snowy) afternoon get “The Office” on DVD and enjoy a lovely English comedy.

You will recognize some of these actors from “Love Actually,” “Studio 60” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.” They, like their American counterparts, were mostly unknown actors and actresses and now have enjoyed quite a bit of fame post series. It is funny to compare the two shows. There are many things that are taken directly from the English version and something things that are slightly implied.

The BBC “Office” is very dirty and much more bawdy than its American counterpart. A gigantic inflatable penis in the British version is toned down in the American version to a blow-up doll. They also have a brilliant usage of the word “muff.” The characters go out to clubs and get tanked and talk very frankly about sex. It is really funny to watch Tim and Dawn tease Gareth about homoerotic activities in the army.

I have to say I love our neighbors across the pond. I’m an Anglophile and I’m very proud to say it.

The finale will make you cry. The rest will make you laugh so hard you will pee your pants. Here is a funny clip to wet your appetite.

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